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Jill Hambrick - Owner & Pilates Instructor

Hello!  I am Jill Hambrick, and I am the owner of Plank Pilates Studio.  Ever since my first Pilates class I knew I wanted to be an instructor.  I fell in love with Pilates and knew that I wanted to share the great benefits of Pilates with others.  Because of a very gracious Christmas gift, I completed a 16 week Pilates Fitness Program at a Classical Pilates Studio in the Florida Keys.  Through this training I was exposed to all the Pilates equipment as well as the full classical mat sequence.  I returned to Central IL and realized there were no Pilates studios in the Peoria area.  After much thought and consideration I decided to take the plunge and open Plank Pilates Studio in Morton.  

I have a Certificate of Completion in Anatomy, Mat 1 & 2, Reformer 1, 2, & 3, and Apparatus 1, 2, & 3 through Balanced Body.  I am also continuing my Pilates instructor training by working toward a 500 hour Comprehensive Pilates Certification through Balanced Body.  Balanced body provides a well-rounded and in-depth training program that explores the Pilates principles and how to adapt these principles to modern day clients.   I am also a member of the Pilates Method Alliance.  

I truly love Pilates, and I feel strongly that when Pilates is practiced consistently and correctly you will see results and will start feeling better, sleeping better, and having a better overall outlook on life.   

As for my personal life, I have an amazing 7 year old son. His joy for life is contagious and he keeps me smiling daily. We live in Mackinaw. We are blessed to live close to our family and be surrounded by an amazing group of friends.  

Prior to becoming a Pilates instructor, I was an Assisted Living Director and most recently a stay at home mom.  When I am not doing Pilates I enjoy cruising on my paddleboard, playing sand volleyball, swimming, reading, and traveling.    

I am so excited bring Pilates to Morton at Plank Pilates Studio.  I am passionate about Pilates and I know that if you commit to taking classes at Plank Pilates Studio you will love it too.  I encourage you to give Pilates a try.  

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Ellen Foody - Studio Manager; Barre & Pilates Instructor

Hey there! My name is Ellen Foody and I am so incredibly excited to join the team at Plank Pilates Studio! I am originally from Frankfort, Illinois where I lived until I went to college at The University of Missouri. I most recently made the move to Washington with my boyfriend, Ryan! We are so excited for this new adventure, new town, and all the new people that we are going to meet.  

I am a certified Pilates & Barre Instructor. Prior to moving I was a Barre/Strength & Cardio class instructor at a boutique studio in Frankfort, IL. I received a Barre certification through “Barre Above”, and I am in the process of finishing up with my ACE certification. Most recently, I have become certified in Mat 1 & Reformer 1 & 2 through Balanced Body. I have also completed a 16 hour course on the body in pilates called ‘Movement Principles’ that Balanced Body offers.

My Barre journey started in 2016 when I took classes in my college town and fell in love.  After returning home to IL after college I was lucky to find another amazing studio.  This is when I decided "I want to teach this." ...So, I did! I began teaching in 2018 & I truly love every single aspect of being an instructor. I enjoy meeting all the clients and learning their stories both inside and outside of the studio. I love to lead a class & remind myself that people take this hour of their day for THEM and their self-care.  The most amazing part is seeing people change both physically & mentally.  I am inspired when I see women start to get a new found confidence in themselves - that's when I remember why I started teaching and why I love to do it day in and day out. 

When searching for a studio near my new home in Central IL I found Plank Pilates Studio, and immediately knew it was special. I ended up reaching out to Jill through email because after figuring out we were moving - I knew I needed to teach somewhere. So, after a few emails and phone calls we clicked & I knew that Plank was the place for me to be.  I am so excited to start teaching and managing this great studio.  I look forward to meeting all the amazing clients that make Plank Pilates Studio the wonderful place it is!  

When I'm not at the studio I absolutely love to travel to new places (especially road tripping). My other favorite thing is going to concerts - mostly country! But John Mayer, Dave Matthews & Vance Joy are also at the top of the list. I enjoy spending time with friends and family no matter what we're doing. I love being with people and just hanging out! I'm always up for a new adventure, new coffee shop, or a good boutique & I'm pumped Starved Rock isn't too far from my new home! 

I cannot wait to meet you all!

Casey Moltrup - Barre & Pilates Instructor

Hello. I am Casey Moltrup, and I am a Barre and Pilates Instructor at Plank Pilates Studio. I have always loved to push my body and live and active lifestyle, but I have struggled to find an activity that would keep me motivated long enough to see results. I love to be outside, but during the frigid Central IL winters, I found my hibernating. I never found a workout or gym that inspired me enough to come out of hibernation during those cold months. 

Enter Barre and Pilates…  I started taking Pilates classes from Jill (Plank owner) in her basement. I was skeptical at first because it wasn’t the intense cardio workouts I was used to, but after a few sessions I started seeing results and feeling great. Around this same time I took my first Barre class, and I was hooked! The movements were a little odd, but I kept going back and could tell I was stronger quickly. With Barre and Pilates I found that I was more focused and calm during the day. My outlook was really changing and I wanted more!!  Pilates helped me to be more aware of my body mechanics, and all the little aches and pains I had in the past were dissolving. The spark was ignited and I knew I wanted to be involved at the instructor level. I received my Barre certification through the International Ballet Barre Fitness Association, and I completed by Mat 1, Mat 2, Reformer 1 and Apparatus 1 training through Balanced Body. 

I am excited to work at Plank and help others on their journey to strength, health, and wellness. Not only am I excited to share my excitement and passion for Barre with others, but I also wanted to bring a class closer to home. Literally…closer to home. I had to drive 30 minutes to get to a class, and the times rarely lined up with my schedule. I am thrilled to be a Barre Instructor at Plank and make this great workout regime more readily available in our area.

In addition to being a Barre and Pilates instructor I am also a wedding photographer and a 1st grade teacher. It may seem like an odd combination, but everyday I feel blessed to be able to live out my passions. I am married and have 2 incredible young boys. We live in East Peoria. Nothing inspires me more than to see people learning, growing and striving to be the best version of themselves! I look forward to meeting you!

Katie DuBois - Pilates & Barre Instructor

My name is Katie DuBois.   I am married to my high school sweetheart and have three young children. My family and I live in Washington.   I taught first grade for ten years before making the decision to stay home to raise my little ones. My children keep me very busy but in my spare time I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, reading and traveling.  I love being active with my family and we spend a lot of time outdoors.  

I began my career as an AFAA certified fitness instructor seven years ago and teach Pilates, Powerflex, and Spinning.  I have also completed Mat 1, Mat 2, Reformer 1 and Apparatus 1 trainings through Balanced Body.   I love fitness and find it so exciting to see people discover their own passion for fitness.  Pilates has done great things for me and I want to share the benefits of Pilates with others.  Pilates is the perfect exercise for me because it increases flexibility, improves strength, improves confidence and provides a quiet time in my otherwise busy days.  Pilates is also the perfect complement to other exercise that I enjoy such as Spinning, running and strength training.  I can’t wait to share all of the benefits of Pilates with all of our clients at Plank Pilates Studio!!


Jamie Hafele - Pilates Instructor

Hi my name is Jamie Hafele, and I am so excited to a part of this great team at Plank!  Growing up I was a dedicated dancer in Central Illinois.  After two babies and a lower back injury, I was longing to re-find my center.  Stumbling across workouts that spoke about Pilates, I knew I needed to know more.  While in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, I walked into my first reformer class and had my "ah-ha!" moment - the moment my body and soul danced again.  At that time the fire for Pilates started.  After moving back to Peoria several years later I was so excited to find Plank Pilates Studio in Morton.  In 2017 I started taking reformer sessions with my husband at Plank (great excuse for a date night). 

I had always wanted to be an instructor, and finally seven years after starting my Pilates journey my wonderful husband encouraged me to find a way to make my dreams of teaching Pilates come alive.  With the assistance of the instructors at Plank Pilates Studio, I started focusing on a Comprehensive Pilates training Program with Balanced Body.  Over the past year I have spent many weekends attending trainings at Plank Pilates Studio in Morton and Body Evolve in Highland Park.  Up to this point, I have received Certificates of Completion through Balanced Body for Mat 1 &  Mat 2, Reformer 1 & Reformer 2, and Apparatus 1.  I have also completed the Pilates Anatomy course through Body Evolve, and I recently had the privilege to be trained by international Pilates educator Courtney Miller.  Pilates is such a unique form of movement practice and I am so excited to be on this learning journey. 

In addition to being a Pilates Instructor, I am also a pre-school teacher.  I live in Dunlap with my wonderful husband and kids.  I do love being busy, and I try to live my life to lift others up around me both physically and spiritually.  In our lives we are given only one shot here on Earth - let's work hard, play hard, and be kind!

I am so excited that my dream of being a Pilates Instructor has finally come true!  I can't wait to share my passion for Pilates with you.  See you in the studio!


Megan Patterson - Pilates Instructor

Hello.  My name is Megan Patterson and I am thrilled to be a part of the team at Plank Pilates Studio. I was first introduced to Pilates in the summer of 2016.  Jill was training me and another friend in her home. I can honestly say I was skeptical at first. Prior to Pilates I favored high impact cardio workouts like Turbo Kick and Body Combat. I didn’t think Pilates could compare to the high impact cardio workouts that I was used to but I was proven wrong. It didn’t take long for me to become a believer in Pilates. After a few sessions, I started to notice improved core strength, flexibility, and body control. My whole body was firming up. Not only did my body feel great, but I was noticing an overall calm feeling right after a Pilates workout; I was hooked! 

When Jill decided to open Plank, I knew that I wanted to be involved. I have been taking classes consistently at Plank since their grand opening and then I took Mat 1 and Mat 2 instructor training through Balanced Body in January 2017. I recently completed Reformer 1 through Balanced Body.  I can honestly say this is the workout and lifestyle I have been missing all these years and yet it feels like my Pilates journey is just beginning!

As for my personal life, I have been married to my husband Brad since 2006.  We are blessed with 3 kiddos- 2 boys and a girl.  We live in Tremont where I also work as a Kindergarten teacher.  (I have come to crave the calm feeling Pilates gives me after a long day at school with my kindergarteners).    When I am not at work or teaching Pilates I am busy with my children and their busy athletic schedules.  In my spare time, I love to play sand volleyball, read, and hang out with my friends and family. 

I would love for you to join me in the studio and fall in love with Pilates like I did.  See you in the studio. 



Kristen Finck - Pilates Instructor

Hello everyone!  My name is Kristen Finck, and I relocated to Peoria from Kansas City , MO.   I relocated to Peoria to dance professionally with the

Central Illinois Ballet for their 2018- 2019 season.  I have always had a passion for fitness and dance. My love of dance began at the age of 2, and I have been dancing ever since then.

I received my formal dance training from the Minnesota Youth Ballet Academy in Rochester, MN. In high school, I danced as a pre-professional with the Minnesota Ballet Theatre, Rochester Dance Company, Classical Cities Dance Ensemble, and the Children’s Dance Theatre. Since then, I have had the opportunity to work with and perform with different dance companies around the country. In college, I studied biology and dance and received a dual emphasis Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Ballet and Modern Dance Choreography and Performance from the Conservatory of Music and Dance at the University of Missouri – Kansas City. My goal is to dance professionally before returning to school to earn my Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

During my formal ballet training, I was introduced to Pilates as a way to cross- train and establish greater strength and body- awareness.  After my first Pilates class I fell in love and decided that it was something that I not only wanted to continue but that I also wanted to share with others.   I received my mat and reformer training from STOTT Pilates and became certified in January of 2018. Although newly certified, I have taught a variety of Pilates- based classes while working as an instructor in Kansas City. Such classes include: Mat, Sculpt Reformer, Basic Reformer, Chair, Tower, HIIT, Restorative Reformer, Reformer Jump-Board and Trampoline, Pilates Circuit, as well as teaching private and semi- private sessions.

Being a dancer, I am extremely diligent and detail oriented and love the benefits of lengthening and strengthening lesser-used muscle groups through the exactness of Pilates. As an instructor, I love to challenge my students to find their edge and push themselves to new heights all while working each muscle group, finding success, and ultimately enjoying a well-rounded work out and having fun!

 I am so excited to join the team at Plank Pilates Studio!  I hope to see you in the studio soon!


Jeni Pendl - Yoga Instructor

Hello!  I am Jeni Pendl and I am excited to teach Yoga for Plank Pilates Studio.   In addition to teaching at Plank Pilates studio I also teach at a couple other locations in the Central Illinois area.  I started my Yoga practice in 2009 doing what I could at home in between life's other demands.  Eventually, I found a studio that I fell in love with and began my practice there.  I haven't been back inside a traditional gym since. 

The longer I practiced, the deeper my understanding and awareness became.  My practice really started to feed into my new found passion and my passion fed my practice.  I found Koko's Urban Yoga Teacher Training in Florida and completed a 200 hour training course in January of 2018.

Since completing my 200 RYT Yoga Alliance certification, my main focus has been Ashtanga style and Vinyasa has remained a staple of my practice as well.  What gets me excited about teaching is meeting people where they are at in their practice.  No matter what stage you are in, there is a style of Yoga for you and I am thrilled to be part of your yoga and fitness journey.

I hope to see you around Morton where I live with my son Cole and our dog Leo.  We love to ride bikes, take walks, hike and swim or almost anything that gets us outdoors and moving.  

I look forward to seeing you in the studio!

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