Class Descriptions

**For more details about classes or to discuss which class would be the best starting point please email or call 309-431-2387.  We would be happy to help create the perfect schedule to achieve your fitness goals**

Pilates Basics (Beginner Level)

Pilates Basics is a perfect introductory Pilates class. We will focus on the Pilates Principles and the classic mat sequence. We will learn the benefits of Breathing in Pilates Movement. This class will help develop a strong inner core while helping sculpt long, lean muscles.  This class is perfect for a new Pilates student. 

Pilates Sculpt (All levels)

Pilates Sculpt is a modern twist to a classic work out. This class will focus on a variation of the Pilates mat workout using various props, light hand weights, and contemporary movements. This class will help develop a strong inner core while sculpting long, lean muscles.  This class is available to all fitness levels.  

Total Body Barre (All Levels)

Total Body Barre is a traditional Barre work out that is a great option for any level Barre student.  Barre classes is a high energy class that melds elements of Pilates, ballet, and strength training into a fun, action packed class. In each class, you will use the barre and various exercise props such as mini-balls, hand weights, and fitness bands to sculpt, slim and tone your entire body. Be prepared to sweat and have fun in this action packed class!

Cardio Barre (Intermediate Level)

Cardio Barre is a class designed to get your body moving and your heart pumping.  Cardio Barre incorporates Barre inspired moves with cardio intervals.  In this class you will utilize various props and hand weights to receive a well-rounded full body workout combined with cardio bursts. 


Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Pilates

This class is offered off site at Heritage Lake in Mackinaw during the summer months. This is a 60 minute Pilates class that is a fun, challenging, and relaxing way to enhance your Pilates practice.  The class will begin with a 5-10 minute paddle followed by 40 minute Pilates class that focus on core activation and balance while embracing the added challenge of being on a paddleboard.  The class ends with a relaxing meditation period followed by a 5-10 minute paddle. 


Yoga Flow (All Levels)

In this yoga class you will align movement and breath to intentionally flow through poses, building strength and grace. With a focus on alignment, balance, and concentration, Yoga is a great way to build physical and mental stamina while developing your mind/body connection. Every class includes working poses, meditation and deep stretching for a holistic yoga experience. This class is open to all levels.

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Stronger Together Family Pilates  (All Levels)

Stronger Together Family Pilates is designed for Parents and their children (ages 5+) to enjoy together.  This class is a combination of basic Pilates movements modified for adults and children to enjoy together.  This class will utilize the various Pilates Props to keep kids engaged and having fun throughout the class.  


Private or Duet Equipment Session

Private sessions are designed as a way for a student to get one on one instruction as a way to further advance one’s Pilates practice or just as a way to try something new to help improve your overall health and wellness. Our instructors will work directly with a student to access their specific training needs and then will help lead you through a specific training regime that is specific for each client's goals, limitations, and/or clinical concerns. During a private session a student will utilize a combination of our Pilates Equipment, including the Reformer, Tower, Chair, and Pilates Arc.

Semi-Private sessions include a group of 2-3 people who have the same fitness goals. Sessions are specifically scheduled to accommodate the groups schedule.

To schedule a private or duet session please email  


Pilates Strength and Conditioning (Intermediate)

Pilates Strength and Conditioning is a great compliment to a runner or any other athlete's workout routine.  This class will focus on specific movements designed to target common muscle imbalances and injuries, i.e. emphasis on stretching hip flexors and hamstrings, while strengthening inner core and glutes.  This will be a great class to get you ready for your next big race or competition.   



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TabataLates- High Intensity-Interval Pilates (Intermediate)

TabataLates is a one of a kind class offered at Plank Pilates Studio. This is a high-intensity interval class that will rev up your metabolism, burning more calories in less time. A typical session alternates short bursts of all-out effort with periods of rest and stretching. The result is a fast-paced class that will build lean muscle, increase endurance and accelerate weight loss. *Not recommended for beginners or clients with joint pain or recent injuries*


Pilates 101 & Pilates 201

Pilates 101 is a 6 week course designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to Pilates for a beginner student. This class will start with a review of the Pilates Principles and then will move through the classic Pilates mat repertoire. By the end of the 6 weeks, each student should be familiar with the names and movements of the classic mat sequence, and should feel stronger and more flexible.  This course is a 6-week commitment and requires pre-registration and payment up from for the entire 6 week course.

Pilates 201 is a 4 week extension to Pilates 101.  This class is designed to pick up where we left off with 101 and focus on increasing your classic mat repertoire.  It is recommended to have either attended Pilates 101 or taken at least 10 Pilates mat classes in order to enroll in Pilates 201.  



Pilates/Barre Fusion

Pilates/Barre Fusion is a great mix of the Pilates mat movements mixed with upbeat and intense Barre inspired movements. You will use light handweights and various props for a unique and effective total body workout.  If you love both Pilates and Barre then this class is a great choice for you. 


Plank Private Parties

Inspired by the way our owner first became introduced to Pilates, we now offer Private Parties at Plank. If you are looking for a unique idea for a girls night out, employee party, or just a way to get a work and have fun then contact Plank to schedule a private party. Private parties include 1 hour of either Pilates or Barre plus an additional hour or more of socializing, snacking, and enjoying drinks and cocktails.  Food and drink not provided by Plank. Email to start planning to Plank Private Party. Cheers!

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