Our Mission


Plank Pilates Studio is a friendly, boutique Pilates studio located in the heart of Morton, IL.

Our mission is to share our love of Pilates in a warm and welcoming environment. 

The foundation of Plank Pilates Studio is the classic Pilates mat repertoire. It is a thorough whole body approach to Pilates that will help you learn proper breathing techniques, body alignment, form and body mechanics. We strive to help you change the way you move and how your body works. We focus on the quality of movement. We believe in precise and controlled movement. It is our goal that you are focusing on mindful movement and that all movements are initiated from the inner core for maximum results and body movement. In order to get Pilates results your body must be working and moving from the right places.  We believe that Pilates is a life changing workout routine and we are excited to share Pilates with you.

At Plank we will: 

  • Welcome you as you are

  • Guide and motivate you to push past your limits  

  • Redefine your health and fitness expectations

  • Challenge you to rethink your workout

  • Provide guidance and personal attention from your instructor

  • Help you achieve results

  • Provide fun, challenging, and inspiring workouts

  • Provide positive, passionate, and dedicated instructors

  • Transform your body

  • Challenge you and inspire you to make health and fitness a priority and a lifestyle

  • Help you accomplish your fitness goals and feel strong